The DIY Security Partner You Can Trust:

Easy to Install | Professional Support

You’ll be up-and-running in minutes with SAFE Security DIY. Our self-install solution includes 100% preprogrammed wireless equipment, simple step-by-step instructions, 24/7 nationwide support and detailed “how to” videos. If you need help, our install team services all 50 states.

SAFE Security DIY – The Partner You Can Trust

When considering DIY security, you need to choose a reputable partner. SAFE Security has been protecting homes and businesses for almost 30 years; servicing over 140,000 customers nationwide.

Custom Solution | Peace of Mind

Create a custom solution that meets your current needs and easily expands as those grow. Get the peace of mind a professionally monitored system provides, knowing you and your family are secure.

Premier Protection | Innovative Automation

SAFE Security DIY combines premier protection (Wi-Fi monitoring, wireless technology, 2-way voice) with the ability to remotely manage lights, thermostats, locks, security and more. Use your smartphone to lower energy costs, remotely arm the system, get text/email alerts of critical events (gun or liquor cabinet opening) and view cameras to see your child come home from school.

Benefits of DIY vs. Conventional Security:

  • Foregoing professional installation saves you money
  • Ordering online, via our intuitive shopping cart, is easy
  • You can customize your package and expand it as your needs grow
  • Our wireless system installs in minutes; with no drilling, holes or messes
  • Eliminates scheduling, waiting and opening your home to an installer

The downside of choosing the wrong partner:

  • Can’t get help if you’re having trouble installing – SAFE offers Installer Assist and 24/7 support
  • You’re not monitored – SAFE provides professional monitoring; some only offer self-monitoring
  • Stuck with a confusing, improperly programmed system – SAFE offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • If equipment breaks, you’re out of luck – SAFE has a nationwide Service Team

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Safe Security DIY’s

Unmatched features & benefits:

Installer Assist

Wireless and preprogrammed, our system is easy to install. But, should you have any problems, our Installation Team covers all 50 states!

Coming Soon – SAFE ID

Included with your service is SAFE ID; a robust Identity Theft and Credit Monitoring service for the entire family. At no additional cost, this is a groundbreaking and unmatched offer that protects against the fastest growing crime in the US.

False Alarm Protection

We’ll pay any false alarm fine that results from equipment malfunction.

Deductible Reimbursement

We’ll pay your insurance deductible, up to $1,000, for property loss due to burglary.

5-Diamond Monitoring

We don’t subcontract your monitoring like other providers.

2-Way Voice

Simplifies using and communicating through your system.

Free Move

Take your DIY System anywhere, anytime… at no charge!

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